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What anyone deals with in the world (in the beginning of mind yoga training), must needs be separated from what is done in & through the heart. This one does until what is of the world, no longer influences the heart & only the heart of reality remains. Or that at least a sense of the true nature, is stronger in one’s awareness.

What is the cause of confusion of the two, delusion & true reality? It is ego. It is the urge to define an ego-self, that orchestrates & attempts to be realised through imagined external projections onto the world. Without these projections, these imaginings, an ego-self could not even exist. Ego furthers this process through trying to possess what surrounds it, to control it. To bind it up with expectations & entitlements. These are illusions. This ego does, all to define a sense of selfness. This ego-self is not real, compared to the reality behind it, though it may seem so.

 All that anyone can apprehend of this world is fleeting, impermanent, limited & in constant dissolution, or flux. So defining a self off of views of the world, merely creates artificial limits that do not exist in any real sense. Ego-self cripples it’s own ability of expression & possibilities, through its very own definitions of what & who it is.

   *How anyone defines their sense of self, is how they Will to live their life!

 The brain can not tell the difference between what is completely imagined & what is physically real. The nervous system & the body’s bio-chemistry, react to both equally. That which appears in the imagination & what seems to be in the “outside world,” or any combination of both, is all occurring in the brain. Only from the still centre of awareness, does vision begin to clear.

My teacher has often said: “Short of enlightenment, we all live in delusions (stories). Is it not then better to live in delusions that create happiness, than ones that create misery & suffering?”

Great Realisation in Meaning comes from the Middle Way as one begins to see that all that happens, comes from one’s awareness. The use of all the mind’s abilities, stem from clarity in & of that awareness. Short of complete stability in awareness & opening to a new form of energetic creativity, my teacher’s words are the best advice. Create stories that are positive, not negative. This does not mean telling yourself lies. If the lies are not believed by your subconscious, unhappiness becomes even stronger. If the lies one tells oneself are believed by the subconscious, then a form of psychological imbalance ensues. What one focusses on is the stories. What one looks at persistently, becomes habit, then view. View, or how one looks at all facets of life, guides that individual in all of their experiences through life. Your stories, skillful or not, guide your life until you take on the mantle of coauthor, with Life.

 If an individual speaks a truth to themselves, it is evidenced as true because it has the support of Life’s energy. This may sound somewhat airy-fairy yet it is not this kind of thinking I am speaking of. Energy begins within your nervous system & bio-chemistry. It is supported by the energy of all those around that match energy in like energetics, like mindedness & like goals. 

All understandings as knowledge, come from limited view points. All views are but practised habits of viewing. As no one is omniscient, all views are incomplete & as such likely to contain errors, or omissions. No view point when looking at anything, can be completely known. So rather than lying, reposition your view point so that understanding may be seen, so that life may be recreated right from where you are now! So that it may be created with. This can only occur when understanding is a verb, not a noun. When understanding is perpetually explored, expanded, grown & not a knowledge base, already understood.

Everyone wants to be happy! No one wants to suffer! This is the beginning place for increasing all understanding.

Recognise that a view point is static in the past memory, the very moment a judgement from that view, is conjectured. What is really important in life – is the energy put into moving forward, not wasted looking back! You can not navigate your boat safely through life’s waters whilst observing the wake. Nor can you travel onward by losing track of where you are now, whilst reminiscing long past, waters.

Understanding, is the first platform for using the bases of power. Decide what you actually choose to be, do, have. Set boundaries & standards for your self only. Set the path – forward. Make plans that aim at conditions & qualities, rather than results, or outcomes. Then act. Deal with what is out of sorts with this path, only as is needed. Do not waste one precious moment of energy, standing still & arguing with, or resisting anything, whilst life proceeds gloriously on by!

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