The Nature of Experience

Shi Yao Hai/ August 26, 2016/ Consciousness Growth, Understanding Mind/ 1 comments

20151003DeepCoveresize-0200 ALL Experience is experienced in the mind. This implies that we do not experience anything directly in the physical world. That all that we think we are experiencing physically, is actually occurring in our minds. Our sense organs pick up impressions within the range & type that they functionally can. Then these organs send signals to various parts of the brain via nerve impulses. These nerve impulses are then, using various parts of the brain in series of sequence, constructed into a form that we consciously recognize as physical form & sensation in our own body. We do not perceive all the various forms of vibrational energies. Nor do we perceive atoms, nor waves of energy that science tells us is physical reality’s true form of existence. When we touch things, science tells us that it is actually the force fields of the atoms in our hands that touch the force fields in the objects that we feel. That we do not actually touch anything, directly. All of each of our own experiences of reality, actually goes on inside our own individual minds.

Your subconscious runs not only all of the automatic & autonomic functions of your body, it also does all your thoughts, practiced feelings, reactive emotions & behaviours. You are not your thoughts. You are not even the thinker of your thoughts. What does this mean? Virtually all of your thoughts happen on automatic autopilot. This only doesn’t happen, if you are purposely, consciously directing your focus onto the details of something you are working on in the moment. Or if you are consciously planning something out in detail, that you will do later. What constitutes most people’s thoughts, most of the time, are simply “recordings” of ideas that you have been previously exposed to. These recordings then get played back to the conscious you, as thoughts, or spoken words at various times. Sometimes these recordings appear to play without any recognizable cues, other times they definitely play back in response to triggering situations, circumstances, or feelings. Whatever the subconscious has associated attitudes, emotions, or feelings with, it chooses related recordings to play back to you.

This means that because of a person’s unconscious habitual use of thoughts & speech, their experiences are often unconsciously repeated over & over again. Scenery & maybe even faces change, yet there it is again exactly the same scenario playing itself out. All of this redoing is based on what your subconscious has previously done, already knows the what’s & how’s to do – all from what was previously recorded!  Without learning something new, the subconscious will always do the same things repeatedly, with the same triggering cues. This only changes, no matter what this phenomena relates to, if your subconscious needs to change out of the necessity of survival adaptation, or out of response to conscious choice implicitly directed to learn to do something new, or something known in a new way! This means, that no matter how many times you watch TV, or browse the internet, no matter what you read, no matter what they say, or how wonderful it sounds, nothing will change in what you experience,,, Until You… CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE TO DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT OR LEARN SOMETHING NEW. This is part of the path of the Siddha.

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  1. I know I’m going aside from the point of what you’re saying but I’m curious about whether or not the atoms That make up “ourselves” touch each other. Of course they don’t, yet here we are.

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