The Second Type of Happiness – Part 2

Shi Yao Hai/ October 21, 2016/ Happiness/ 0 comments

A person cannot change what they already think is unacceptable and suddenly make it acceptable by merely thinking thoughts that it is so. It is only possible to replace judgemental beliefs with more powerful feelings that are combined with purposely done actions. The purposely done actions are not because you are trying to be spiritual so that someone or something will approve of you. No, the purposeful part is to act lovingly so that your own actions change how you feel in daily life. Loving as a way of being is therefore developed by planning loving actions. Examining where in one’s life one can act more kindly. Then, acting upon the various ways one can think of, for doing loving kindness in life. Loving consciousness then slowly becomes a way of living. When one is living from a loving state of consciousness there is no need or desire to judge life circumstances or people in any personal way. This is so because love does not judge in the first place. As such what is acceptable or not, simply becomes functional. It has to do with not being complicit with any totally selfish or non-loving behaviour. This works in creating a positive way of experiencing life because there is no emotional or judgemental feeling that instigates any automatic reactions to what happens. Thinking what is acceptable or not acceptable then, has to do with setting boundaries regarding what an individual will allow in their life and what they will not. Setting up boundaries is done to ensure that the individual is not sidetracked in their developing a basis for a loving way of being. Why bother being loving in life when so many are in it for themselves? Because being in a loving state of consciousness is the most powerful way of being and sustaining happiness that there is. Skillfulness in being loving in day to day life is a very powerful way to free oneself from all forms of dissatisfaction, uneasiness, restlessness, unhappiness, despondency, depression, resentment, anger and all the other forms of suffering.

An important point to remember is what you do in life and much more importantly the way you behave in any doing, creates the basis of how you will experience life around you, regardless of what happens. That is you do not act from loving kindness as a way of trying to be “spiritual” so that someone or something will approve of you. You change your behaviour to experience life in a way that is free from stress and much more pleasant than can be imagined. To be in a loving state all of the time throughout the day is the apex of freedom from suffering and the most positive way of experiencing life that anyone can experience.

If being loving is too difficult in any situations that occur in life, it is because you are holding onto reasons to not be loving and to react emotionally instead. Keep in mind, it does not matter who is right or wrong. It only matters how you are experiencing life. If even when prioritizing the experience of loving consciousness it is difficult to do loving kindness as an action, then doing calmness can be done as a base for developing loving consciousness.

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