Healing with Life Force Energy

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We were walking to the park, Shi Mai Ping and I. Shi Mai Ping was a long-time student of Shi Chien Li (my Buddhist Healing and Dhamma teacher). She was a great healer and teacher in her own right. As I already had a root teacher, Shi Mai Ping was more of a good friend and was a very senior student to me. Shi Mai Ping was expert at creating and transferring energy and a superb person to learn from. We were heading to the park to a spot by the ocean to work on some energy-based concentration and focusing practices. When we were passing the hospital, we walked by an entrance and as we walked past, Shi Mai Ping stopped and turned to look at the hospital. She beckoned to me to follow her. We walked in and went up to the next floor. The area seemed quiet, and with Shi Mai Ping leading, we walked into an otherwise empty room where there was a woman lying in bed. Neither of us knew the woman, but something seemed to draw Shi Mai Ping there. The woman was unconscious. She looked ashen gray, her breathing was irregular and erratic and was clearly, most seriously not doing well.

Shi Mai Ping walked over to the side of the bed and gently touched the woman’s hand. The woman did not awaken. Then, Shi Mai Ping started to sing softly, like a bird. It was a beautiful sound like a high-pitched instrument. Not really like a human voice at all. The air in the room started to feel different to me. The feeling got stronger as the singing continued. It felt like the air was getting thicker, much like swimming underwater. I started to feel a little dizzy. After a few moments, Shi Mai Ping’s singing softened, and faded to silence. The woman was still unconscious and did not move. No one looked in or even walked by the door. I remember wondering why we didn’t attract any attention.

After a couple of minutes of singing, the woman’s skin colour had become a soft pink and her breathing was more regular. Still, the woman did not awake. With seemingly nothing more to do or attend to, Shi Mai Ping turned and left the room. I followed behind as we went straight out of the hospital and we continued walking to the park. Shi Mai Ping never spoke of the events of that day and out of respect for tradition, I never enquired.

Out of curiosity, I went back to the hospital several days later to see how the woman was doing. There was someone else in the bed. As I was leaving, I stopped a cleaning person in the hall and asked where the previous occupant had gone. Still amazed by the circumstances of the woman’s recovery, but not aware of our visit, this young woman began to describe how the patient had a complete turnaround. Apparently, changes in the patient’s condition were observed on the evening of the day of our visit. The woman had been unconscious and suddenly awoke, asking for food. The next day, the woman had been wandering about, insisting she was feeling better, and on going home.

Shi Mai Ping had most beautifully and humbly demonstrated the use of life energy for healing. One of the things that I‘ve learned about states of consciousness is that the strongest energy tends to win. For good or for bad, people all of the time are being influenced by stronger emotional or mental energies that exist around them. This happens because most people have not established habits that clearly guide in the moment purposes, and have not set good boundaries. Most people experience life as if it was something happening to them. They get caught up in the details of life as circumstances happen to them.

What is not often realized is that their personal sense of self is in fact what prevents them from experiencing other states of consciousness and other ways of living. Shi Mai Ping was able to utilize life energy to effect such incredible healing because she never thought of herself as being any of the roles that she functionally performed in life. Moreover, when a mind is not thinking of itself (as a conditioned, conditional self), the heart is more able to connect with that which is greater.

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