Is the Road Ahead Misery?

Shi Yao Hai/ March 15, 2017/ Consciousness Growth, Happiness, Understanding Mind/ 0 comments

If you think your road ahead is misery, it is better to not go there in the first place. But if you have to go there, rename your destination. If you think that the where you are going is misery, you will only shut yourself down and stop creating your life with the elements of living from life. Instead, if you are choosing the where to be creatively and with determination, and not with emotional interpretations of unfinished results, you will enable yourself to meet any and all challenges. When is anything finished? When are the final determinations made? Are you dead? If not, it is not finished.

Life always comes to the aid of those who are fully committed to working with it. If life has not been assisting, then it is certain you are not yet fully committed. When you fully commit, you remove all hesitation and doubt which are truly what stand in the way. This is important to experientially realize, and can only be experienced through full commitment. You may even be inspired to do what you never thought you were capable of, or to go where you never thought you could. You will certainly come to experientially understand the key to freedom from emotional pain, to joy and to fulfillment.

You are always capable of going where you choose when you are not attached to the way of the destination (results or the specifics of outcomes). Choose instead to know and rely upon life as a living reality you are inextricably connected to. This is always Truth, even when you do not remember this.

Commit fully to moving forward and act.

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