Recognizing Sacred Truth

Shi Yao Hai/ April 28, 2017/ Consciousness Growth, Love and Understanding/ 0 comments

The highest form of Truth can never be found in appearances of circumstance. For with appearances we have already premeasured in worldly terms, what is for us good and what is not. 

Sacred Truth whether it is evident or not, most always resides in the hearts of those in love with what is truly Sacred. This Truth’s token is its call to Love. 

Sacred Truth will never be evident in the promises of power, or importance, for this is the language of the ego, not of the heart.

You will further know Truth by both its practical applicability in the world and by the Love that flows through the hearts of those who are the workers of Sacred Truth. 

Sacred Truth is never spoken by individuals in and of themselves, though in appearance this may seem so. For what is Sacred does not originate with any individual but rather flows through them from the untainted view of the living Life force. Yet often it is through individuals, particularly the very young, that Sacred Truth may be heard.

Sacred Truth does not take, nor does it ask that anyone become a taker. Only through the heart of unattached love which arises from the emptying one’s being of a personal self, can the song of Truth be heard, and this hearing will always be in one’s heart. At any time that this song cannot be heard, it will be because the heart is made to dwell too deeply upon the wants of a lesser self.  

Open your heart to what is Sacred, through the cultivation of unconditional Love and the elimination from one’s heart all that is not Loving. Let the Sacred only, live in your heart. In so doing, the Sacred becomes your greater self, freeing one from the dross of limited and conditional living. This we do, so that we may be in connection with all Life and see the signs of the Sacred with our own eyes and hear its melody with our own ears.

This is the true measure for all seekers… Be a Lover of Truth, Be in Love only in Truth.

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