Two Great Lions

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There are two Great Lions, but before I speak of these, let me speak of the field in which they live:

Life is a living workshop to grow to our greatest capacity. What is the greatest accomplishment in growing to our greatest capacity? It is to live from inner peace and only in a loving state in our heart, all of the time. If you have ever fallen deeply in love, while that was happening nothing could bring you down or change your spirits. This lasted until you had reasons to not love. Then that high, that state of loving went away. 

Rumi said: “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” To be in a state of loving all the time, is this not the ultimate quest of every heart?

The world appears to be full of ill will and thoughtless wanting. There seems to be much in the way of selfish indifference. Do not fear for this. It is a doorway for learning and growing in life and in Love. And as we all know, the worst crap makes the best fertilizer for the soil. It is the soil of our hearts of which I speak, from which all that is good in this world, is grown. 

Most right now are living their lives like an infant just learning to walk. You would not scold an infant for not succeeding at walking, or that infant would never learn to walk. You would look at the “drama” of that infant stubbing its toe as a very small thing. Yet to that infant, it is their whole world.

The Buddha said: “He abused me, he struck me, he overpowered me, he robbed me.” Those who harbor such thoughts do not escape their own hatred. “He abused me, he struck me, he overpowered me, he robbed me.” Those who do not harbor such thoughts still their hatred, live free from hatred. 

 If we have had enough of negativity, we look for a way to escape it. We may look for guidance. Abdul’baha said: “Guidance is when the doors open.” Yet, when the heart is trying to live in a world that appears to be full of callousness, sometimes that heart seems to be pushed through doors. This is not guidance! This is only a rationalization for Fearfulness and then trying to “creatively” make something out of it after the “fact.”

Guidance in truth is not in what you do, or what others do. Guidance is in the gentle way of being from your heart when you do what you do. Even if the world around you gives you every reason to not be in Love.

What you do does matter, but negatives do not exist in your life for you to give in to what appears to be negatively true. Negatives are a way for you to learn that those appearances are in fact not the actual truth. Nothing can, or will ever be true, when it is filtered through our own ego and negative emotions, or presented by the egos and negative emotions of others.

Negatives are appearances that can be made into an opportunity to influence what is going on to the best good (in your world at least). At the very least they give you an opportunity to stay in a loving state when by worldly standards you have all the reasons not to. You certainly can not stay in a loving state if you presume that “it” is negative. The only answer is to sustain love in your heart as best you can. Why? Because in love, there are no negative states. Jeshua said: “Of what merit is it for you to love those who love you back?” How much time in our lives do we spend when love is not being given back? That is a lot of time to not be in the state of love. 

Realize that working from the heart is your real work and life around you is your actual workplace.

Do not worry about what others can, or cannot see, can, or cannot do, who are not receptive, or even wanting to grow. Work diligently on your own capacities for loving. Share the teachings with those who are actually looking for answers, with their hearts. This has always been the true way. 

Think of this… If there is anything more to this existence than this world and we do not die and end here, then what would you (in your heart) rather have, to take with you. If you do not believe in an afterlife, then how do you wish to spend what time you have left alive? In states of peace and love, or in ego bound turmoils and confused pains. Realize that no matter what happens in this world, the only thing that is truly important is this: how much can you be unconditional in how loving you are? If you continue to interpret life negatively, that means that it is negativity that you are putting into your own heart. You are only going to get better at experiencing negatives, you are only going to experience negativeness more.

What you hold in your heart is your truth and what you have to give and share, comes from this. You can only share what you yourself have to give.

Realize there will always be reasons to not love. But it is only our own selves that will experience that not loving. That as long as we are not loving, we crowd out all of the possibilities for love from our own hearts. Who can hold onto love when their heart is filled with negativity? Recognize that in life what appears to be contradictions to Love appear to us this way because of our own ego’s fears. Why are they appearances? Because we accept those appearances as reasons to not to be in Love. Realize without Love there is fear and fear is the source of all our selfishnesses and wantings, all of our ill-will, and in the end, all of our pain and struggles.

If you accept what appears to be negatively true as the truth, then you too add the force of your own mind, your words, and your actions to the weight of these appearances. How will things ever change, if it does not first begin in one’s own heart, with Love. To add fear, anger, resentment, pride, or ill will, can only add to the confusion and assist your world in getting worse. Know that your non-acceptance of negativity is the doorway for your own learning and creativity to influence to the best good. To not accept negativity into your heart, sustains a home for love as you grow in it. 

Do not try to love those you have deemed disdainful or unlovable. This is impossible to do, as you will always know them by how you have judged them to be. Rather love the Infinite capacities of Love itself and the judgments in you will vanish of their own accord. These judgments can only exist because of our own personal fears of powerlessness and worthlessness. Fill your world with service, not in subservient bondage to others, but give yourself in service to what is truly Sacred, to what is Love.

“There is only one great battlefield upon which all great battles are fought. This battlefield, is the field of every human heart. On this field there are two Great Lions fighting for their lives, fighting for control. One is Love, the other is Selfishness, Fear and Ill-will.”

“Which one wins?”

“The one, that you feed the most.”

What can be truer, than for one who can stay in the state of Love?

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