Sound, Language of the Vibration of Effect (the living force of healing)

Shi Yao Hai/ June 30, 2017/ Consciousness Growth, Healing, Understanding Mind/ 0 comments

The true essence of mantra is a method for utilizing life energy to influence the movement of karma (literally action)…

There is no doer in an individual’s body nor in any personal sense of self. There is no doer in wordy thoughts, therefore each of these has no substantial reality outside the belief of mind. Life energy is substantial and real. Life energy is always the only doer. There is no ego in any doing. Life energy does not respond to and can not be influenced by the mere repetition or chanting of words. Words in and of themselves are empty.

I have said it elsewhere, that Words are all powerful. Words describe the boundaries and constrictions in life for the speaker of their words. No one can surpass or rise above (the meaning of) their words. Therefore to an aspirant (spiritual wayfarer), words are very important and their use is very carefully guarded. The persistent use of words controls all possibilities of experience for the user of any words. Words have the limitless power to create and destroy. This begins with the speaker, spreading out to all that hear those words and listen from the place of choicelessness. In the end, these words only return to the originator of those words, energetically as karma. It is not words but their meanings, that are powerful. Meaning is one of the formative bases for all karma. Knowing meaning is a basis for the utilization of life’s living power.

A Way of Energy:
No psychological interpretation of something as universally transcendent as chakras (centers of the living energy) can be limited by the imaginings of an unenlightened or an ego bound mind. Such imaginings are vain and only have the power to stir emotion, through impractical and functionless beliefs that are without any reality or ground (foundation).

The living substream of the energies of life only respond to the powers of life. As such, Life only responds to unified meaning delivered by focus combined with intention, or is influenced through the means of the core vibrational archetypes of energy itself. Sound is one of these core archetypes of vibration, as is colour, shape, movement, taste, scent and texture. The conscious mover of karma is based upon meaning and/or the attenuation to these base realities of vibration.

Resonation influences mind through the use of vibration in the body of life (physical reality) and through the influence of a singer of life (healer). Thus, inner sound creates affect in the singer who passes it along to physical form via the essential nature of that which is being influenced, be it individual or element in nature. Outer sound resonates in the mind of all that hear and listen via its impact upon physical, mental and vibrational reality.

The use of sound is a practical spiritual path for the development of skilfulness. A skilfulness that can be applied to both healing and life. This is a form of actualization that begins with Self-mastery, developing knowledge and practice of the spiritual ways of life energy and sound.

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