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The Fivefold Siddhi Way for Healing Life, Heart and Mind

There are five pathways in the way of the Siddha. Five ways of consciously creating and actualizing. These healing paths and growing methods come under the heading of what is called the skillful means of Great Sacredness.

These are:

  •  the way of mastery (heart-mind strength)
  •  the way of mysteries (creative actualization – siddhi yogas)
  •  the way of silence (deep inner resonance)
  •  the way of truth (subconscious character/behaviour development)
  •  the way of power (awe & unconditional love)

Each path draws from & references to, what is Immeasurably Sacred. Though these paths may be pursued separately they are in fact inseparable, one from the other.

The Guiding Principles

I have been asked many times before, “what is the most important thing I can do to assist my personal and spiritual growth?”. There are two things that require equal attention. The first is focusing on heart centered living.  The second is strengthening the mind, and learning how to skillfully use it. The process of mastering mastery is what is essential to embodying the fruits of each of these undertakings. It is the guiding principle. It is what allows expansion of capacity in any endeavor.  Mastering mastery happens with the mind’s focused utilization of the power of certainty. Certainty results from finding “ways” that are more functional, truthful, and real than what is currently cognized. These ways can be worked with internally and externally, in the world and in the heart. In the biggest sense, when developed fully, certainty is the awareness of changelessness, or the highest Truth knowable.

If certainty is developed with sufficient skillfulness and knowledge of any specific type, an individual may be said to master a specific task. With this mastery and continued utilization to further grow, an individual may enter into the mind of actualization. Actualization is the state of mind of one who enters into periods of creativity and work that operate outside the confines and consciousness of time. This is living in what has been called “the zone.” Hours or days may go by unnoticed. There is no sense of self in this, only a preoccupation with the activities at hand. There are many examples of actualization in our “modern” history like Mozart, Leonardo Di Vinci, Tesla, Anthony Hopkins, Bruce Lee, Martin Luther King, JK Rowling, and Florence Nightingale. These people all surpassed the common ways of thinking, doing and being in their chosen fields, and were considered by some as creative and inspirational geniuses.

Mastering mastery is the process of actualizing the mind itself,  in place of an external base of skillfulness performed in the world (mastery). This is true self-mastery and is at the heart of all awakening experiences. Some people call these experiences spiritual because of the effected changes in ways of thinking and living. When an awakening experience happens without a knowledge base of what has happened, this shift in consciousness may seem impossible to get back to. It can then become a source of great despondency. Understanding the structure and execution of the steps to self-mastery allows one to purposely and consistently be in the changed consciousness, and act from there. Mastering mastery becomes a state of being from which any doing can be executed outside of normal limitations.

Mastery is founded upon three primary factors. These are:

1. A stable inner state.

2. A deepening in understanding, with an interested view of openness in learning.

3. Creatively flowing from the state of presence.

Why is mastering mastery important? Mastering mastery is the path of actualization of one’s own self, one’s experience of living in life.  Once learned it becomes the basis for all internal and external processes. It is through mastering mastery that meaningfulness and fulfillment are achieved. It is through mastering mastery that all other levels of skill are heightened. It is the foundation for all achievement, growth and realization. To learn how to master mastery is to bring wisdom and skillfulness into every facet of consciousness and life.


How Can These Teachings Help Me?

  • Overcome ingrained patterns of negative or harmful conditioning, and change thinking and behavior to better meet challenges, being successful in any chosen endeavors
  • Develop focus and intensity in learning and creativity, and create flow in your life
  • Excel at, and master your craft
  • Manage relationships more effectively
  • Overcome addictions
  • Improve your health and the health of those around you
  • Improve your healing skills if you are a healer
  • Change the mental processes that cause stress, and live without unnecessary stress
  • Live more contently
  • Develop a superior meditation practice that can be taken right into daily activities
  • Experience different states of consciousness and expand viewpoints to strengthen the mind
  • Use states of consciousness to bring heightened awareness and a sense of connectivity to experiences in the world to grow the heart
  • Experience significant personal and spiritual growth
  • Be a change agent for global consciousness growth
  • Flow fluidly with change, and directly influence it
  • Master your mind and influence the world around you for the better