About Shi Yao Hai (Don)

When Shi Yao Hai was quite a young boy and under the guidance of his first teacher, he learned that everything is filled with a living energy that is intelligent and responsive to an unencumbered focus. Over years of study, including those with his second teacher, he continued sustaining that focus, and discerned different qualities and types of energy that flow through people and the environment. This resulted in understandings of how life force energy works in relation to human consciousness. Shi Yao Hai’s second teacher relayed that some of these insights and awarenesses had not been understood and taught since the time of Jivaka (Buddha’s personal physician and a master of energy).

Shi Yao Hai is a teacher of Buddhist Spiritual Medicine. He is a Siddhi Yogin, teaches Medical ChiKung and NeiChiKung, and is a Buddhist Yogin Disciple (monk). He apprenticed for 36 years with Master Teacher/Doctor of Buddhist Healing Shi Chien Li, and was befriended, taught and deeply influenced by Zapotec Holy Man Genaro Florres. Shi Yao Hai is a Mind Yoga practitioner, and adept in the areas of healing yoga practices and psychology, and the skillfulness path of shaping (influencing the flow of life / karma by means of understanding the underlying movement of energy). He has been teaching the processes of mastering mastery since 1998, and continues to practice and teach students the skills that he has learned and developed in working with life force, healing and consciousness shaping.