How to Cultivate Clarity of Mind and a Loving Heart

Shi Yao Hai/ July 22, 2017/ Consciousness Growth, Happiness, Love and Understanding, Understanding Mind/ 1 comments

How mental clarity affects the strength of the heart is a very deep & profound topic. It is greater than just mastering feelings, but let us begin there… The clearer and freer a mind is from referencing things personally and/or judgmentally, the more feelings are able to assist in the process of guidance. Lack of clarity misleads feelings, just as easily as does any emotion. Feelings are different from emotions, as we will discuss later. Further, if an

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Sound, Language of the Vibration of Effect (the living force of healing)

Shi Yao Hai/ June 30, 2017/ Consciousness Growth, Healing, Understanding Mind/ 0 comments

Mantram: The true essence of mantra is a method for utilizing life energy to influence the movement of karma (literally action)… There is no doer in an individual’s body nor in any personal sense of self. There is no doer in wordy thoughts, therefore each of these has no substantial reality outside the belief of mind. Life energy is substantial and real. Life energy is always the only doer. There is no ego in any doing. Life energy

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The Spiritual Capacity of Women

Shi Yao Hai/ May 27, 2017/ Consciousness Growth, Love and Understanding/ 0 comments

For the most part in this world, men have had much more freedom than women to accomplish what they can in their lives. So this post is primarily directed to women… As a very young child, meaning is yet undefined. Feelings rule experience. This continues until the feeling of fear is extrapolated into fearful ideas. This only occurs after and to the degree of learning language. The more sophisticated the skill of language, the greater the facility of

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Two Great Lions

Shi Yao Hai/ May 13, 2017/ Consciousness Growth, Happiness, Healing, Love and Understanding/ 0 comments

There are two Great Lions, but before I speak of these, let me speak of the field in which they live: Life is a living workshop to grow to our greatest capacity. What is the greatest accomplishment in growing to our greatest capacity? It is to live from inner peace and only in a loving state in our heart, all of the time. If you have ever fallen deeply in love, while that was happening nothing could bring

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Recognizing Sacred Truth

Shi Yao Hai/ April 28, 2017/ Consciousness Growth, Love and Understanding/ 0 comments

The highest form of Truth can never be found in appearances of circumstance. For with appearances we have already premeasured in worldly terms, what is for us good and what is not.  Sacred Truth whether it is evident or not, most always resides in the hearts of those in love with what is truly Sacred. This Truth’s token is its call to Love.  Sacred Truth will never be evident in the promises of power, or importance, for this

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Why Finding Meaning in Life is Elusive

Shi Yao Hai/ April 16, 2017/ Consciousness Growth, Happiness, Understanding Mind/ 0 comments

Meaning and Life’s Work You are either working with Life from its power, or your work and your life will reflect varying degrees of emotional pain and meaninglessness.  What is true work and how does Life truly work? The five understandings of meaning …the purposeful creating of a meaningful life: 1:  Recognize where meaning does not come from… That meaning does not and can not come from any extrinsic values or external experiences. There is no way that

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