Sound, Language of the Vibration of Effect (the living force of healing)

Shi Yao Hai/ June 30, 2017/ Consciousness Growth, Healing, Understanding Mind/ 0 comments

Mantram: The true essence of mantra is a method for utilizing life energy to influence the movement of karma (literally action)… There is no doer in an individual’s body nor in any personal sense of self. There is no doer in wordy thoughts, therefore each of these has no substantial reality outside the belief of mind. Life energy is substantial and real. Life energy is always the only doer. There is no ego in any doing. Life energy

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Two Great Lions

Shi Yao Hai/ May 13, 2017/ Consciousness Growth, Happiness, Healing, Love and Understanding/ 0 comments

There are two Great Lions, but before I speak of these, let me speak of the field in which they live: Life is a living workshop to grow to our greatest capacity. What is the greatest accomplishment in growing to our greatest capacity? It is to live from inner peace and only in a loving state in our heart, all of the time. If you have ever fallen deeply in love, while that was happening nothing could bring

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The Fallacy of New Age Self-Forgiveness

Shi Yao Lian/ March 22, 2017/ Consciousness Growth, Healing, Love and Understanding/ 0 comments

Every time I’m on Facebook lately, I see many well-intentioned but misunderstood shared posts encouraging the same theme. It’s usually something to do with self-forgiveness, not looking back and only looking forward, and not dwelling on mistakes. The truth is, none of these strategies really work the way people think and want them to work. Mostly, this kind of thinking acts as a defense mechanism for a person’s ego. There may be guilt or shame around past actions,

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An Encounter with Grace

Shi Yao Hai/ January 19, 2017/ Consciousness Growth, Healing/ 0 comments

In my early teens like most young people, I was looking for answers. Having spent some time as a younger boy in Oaxaca Mexico with my first teacher Genaro Florres (a Zapotec Holy Man), I had already experienced a number of profound states of consciousness and had been shown ways of effecting phenomena. Yet here, one early summer morning, sitting on a downtown street bench back in Canada, I was reading a book on Buddha’s teachings. Where did

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Tears of Love

Shi Yao Hai/ January 14, 2017/ Consciousness Growth, Healing, Love and Understanding/ 2 comments

In the last post, we talked about healing with Life Force energy. Another way of looking at this is developing loving consciousness. Loving consciousness is not dependent upon circumstances. It is a choice. A choice that when lived fully, frees the heart from all manner of stress and distress. In Buddha’s teaching loving consciousness is composed of the four sublime attributes: compassion, loving kindness, appreciative joy, and equanimity. These are the four types of love, and four ways

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Healing with Life Force Energy

Shi Yao Hai/ January 6, 2017/ Consciousness Growth, Healing, Love and Understanding/ 0 comments

We were walking to the park, Shi Mai Ping and I. Shi Mai Ping was a long-time student of Shi Chien Li (my Buddhist Healing and Dhamma teacher). She was a great healer and teacher in her own right. As I already had a root teacher, Shi Mai Ping was more of a good friend and was a very senior student to me. Shi Mai Ping was expert at creating and transferring energy and a superb person to

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