How to Use Words to Change / Create Your Experience

Shi Yao Hai/ February 18, 2017/ Consciousness Growth, Happiness, Understanding Mind/ 0 comments

You are where you are in life, because of your words. Sounds strange, doesn’t it? But it is how you use the meanings that are evoked by your words that cause your experience of life. All of the “conversations” you’ve had in the past… led to all of the decisions that came out of those conversations… which led to all of the actions (that were mostly reactions), that had their roots in those decisions. And all of this

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Unraveling Karma and Creating Happiness

Shi Yao Hai/ February 4, 2017/ Consciousness Growth, Happiness, Understanding Mind/ 0 comments

Unlike other systemized teachings in the time of Buddha which taught that karma was externally caused, Buddha taught that karma was caused by an individual’s own personal choices. More precisely, the making of or not making of skillful choices. The Sanskrit word karma literally means “action.” Karma also denotes change, movement of energy, and implies state or form of existence. Karma is the secret of the Buddha’s teachings on impermanence. If it were not for all existence being

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Nurturing Compassion

Shi Yao Hai/ January 28, 2017/ Consciousness Growth, Love and Understanding, Understanding Mind/ 2 comments

The whole world is in need of compassion. The whole world desperately needs compassion unconditionally and without limits… In Buddhism, we are taught that being unconditionally compassionate requires living from a mind that no longer has any reasons for personal differentiation. When a person has a reason to think personally, emotionally and dualistically about anything in terms of right-wrong, good-bad, special-not special, desirable-not desirable, they separate themselves from all others, from the energy of compassion and the Living

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Intention – The Beginning of Choice

Shi Yao Hai/ December 10, 2016/ Consciousness Growth, Happiness, Understanding Mind/ 0 comments

Is your life the way you would like it to be? Are you completely happy and content with it? Have you ever wanted more influence over what is happening in life?  Realize, that you have always been influencing. Your life is exactly as it is, as you have focused on it to see it to be. It is your intention, your use of focus which makes it so. It is your use of intention which has created what

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What is Spiritual?

Shi Yao Hai/ December 3, 2016/ Consciousness Growth, Happiness, Love and Understanding, Understanding Mind/ 0 comments

Before we begin to examine spiritual, we must address a common mental resistance to the term. Some people have a negative reaction to words such as spiritual, God, religion, etcetera. In truth, it is never the word that elicits emotional or egoistic reactions. It is the way the listener defines the word. Often these “negative” definitions elicit a reaction that closes the mind to all further hearing. First, thoughts preemptively decide what words (like spiritual) mean, followed immediately

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Transcendence – Another Way to Happiness

Shi Yao Hai/ November 28, 2016/ Consciousness Growth, Happiness, Love and Understanding, Understanding Mind/ 0 comments

There is another way to happiness, outside of the 3 we have already discussed. This, Abraham Maslow calls transcendence. By removing all personal views and living from the removal of all biases, one reaches a state of clear mindedness. This level of understanding and way of viewing life is called realization. One enters the realm of clarity as to what is truly valuable and real. All limits of a personal to me view, all of what “is supposed

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