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Small group classes once a week in Mind training, Meditation and Buddhist Psychology are being offered in Victoria and Vancouver. These classes are taught as 8 week courses, and more advanced content is added in each consecutive course. Each class is approximately 2 hours.

Virtually all mental-emotional imbalances can be tracked back to feelings of meaninglessness. Meaningfulness is so important that without the ability to establish and sustain it, life proceeds into varying degrees of emotional pain and the lack of any consistency in happiness. The purpose of these classes is to provide workable methods for overcoming the barriers to inner peace and joy. Further by overcoming the reactiveness to stress and the attachment to limited senses of self, a pathway to meaningfulness and fulfilment can be developed and maintained.

These teachings are for those who wish to bring their healing skills to a new level, and incorporate an energetic system and way of healing never before taught in the West. The teachings were originally expounded by Jivaka, Buddha’s personal physician, and a master of energy. Buddhist affiliated Medical Chi Healing (ChiKung) originates from a blending of Tibetan, Indian and Chinese bases. This pathway has 3 principal levels of development. Beyond these 3 are trainings in the specializations of working with the dynamics (karmas) of life force energies. In depth training in mind strength, mindfulness, meditation and consciousness changing practices is combined with applications of medical massage, marma and acupressure. Skills are developed to assist in the healing of various injuries and illnesses. We begin with muscles, joints and minor injuries, moving from there to illnesses and then to more serious disease processes.

Individuals will begin their training in the 5 foundation qualities of chi (each quality having it’s own unique uses and methods of application). In further intermediate training this number becomes 9 qualities. In more advanced training yet, this is extended into states of consciousness and their core mental qualities, plus the remaining 10 chi qualities, along with their uses in healing.

At present there are no other schools in the world teaching anything regarding the 19 qualities of chi and the uses of the 27 mind energetic states for healing.

All transmissions of energy and their uses are real and tangible, not based in visualization. All aspects of the energies and their methods of use can be uniquely identified one from the other, physically felt and palpably worked with.

Meditation is taught and integrated as a foundational basis into both the mind training classes, and the healing training. In addition, private meditation instruction is available. Meditation is not just a cushion exercise. Our meditation combines both mindfulness and absorption with activities, which is how Buddha taught his disciples, enabling them to take the resulting mind / consciousness states into daily life.

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