Core Ways of Teaching

The Ways of Teaching

The Buddha demonstrated the following teaching methods, as an example of what and how to practice. The Buddha taught by:

In all that He spoke of and taught

clearly, precisely and authoritatively, without entering into discussion.

with a little nudge pointing questioners in a direction, by only partial answers and hinting at the rest.

pointing towards a way of being, or thinking… Discussing and questioning elements of the story, back and forth in open discussion to draw out the answers from those listening.

or seemingly irrelevant statements, which would in turn, point the individual in the right direction.

such as answering to inherent presuppositions as well as the important parts of the question.

or unprofitable nature of a question. If their question inflated the ego, or didn’t have a practical impact on their life, that question was fruitless.

as fully and as skillfully in Love with the Infinite, as is possible. (This is the “hidden”, or “secret” method, called so because it goes on invisibly, compared to those listed above. It is the fundamental asset to all the methods of teaching.) This is the method of living from the highest state, being the best exemplar, and is the highest basis and means of transmission – understanding, caring, no personal agendas.

The Ten Treasures of Transmission

All transmissions between mentor and initiate, are a gift to both the giver and the receiver. For all transmissions originate through the Buddhas (any major Prophet or Manifestation), from the Infinite Energy Source and Sacred Inner Life Nature.

Transmissions are only possible for two reasons: Strength of energy arrived at through training in the concentration practices of the siddhis and, no presence of wanting, resistance, avoidance and ego neediness on the part of the Siddha.

1. Through expounding upon a Buddha’s (founder of a world faith) teachings and by example, encouraging the individual to contemplate and to choose meaning; the gift of opportunity is given.

2. Through the use of words, the depth of what is meaningful & important is explained; the gift of what is Truth, is given.

3. Through explanation, combined with the guided use of an individual’s awareness, or state of mind; the gift of insight, or clear understanding, is given.

4. Through specific instructions regarding method in practices; the gift of skillful means (of attainment), is given.

5. Through the touching of energy, or by specific mind directing; the gift of direct perception (experience), is given.

6. Through the weaving together of meaning and experience; the gift of wisdom is given.

7. Through assistance with energy to increase capacity, that is the ability to handle & withstand greater levels of energy; the gift of strengthening, is given [this is like having the circuitry rewired to withstand higher amounts of amperage and voltage].

8. Through assistance by the use of mind strength, awareness is expanded; the gift of specific use of awareness is given.

9. Through the guidance of the efforts, conjoined with guiding assistance with both focus and intention; the gift of the way of awareness is given.

10. Through loving kindness and attentive caring; the gift of realizing true Love is given.