Healing Services

Healing modalities and treatments

  • Gentle bone and tissue realignment and adjustments done with medical massage, acupressure and chi
  • 1000 plus acupoint system for health vitalization
  • Himalayan Sacral Cranial treatment for focus, vital energy and physical energy rebalancing 
  • Gentle cranial plate realignment 
  • Chi revivification for assisting internal organ system homeostasis
  • Personal and spiritual counselling and guidance

Client education during treatments

  • Basic training in chi skills and chikung for health, for life energy strengthening
  • Educating client to eliminate imbalances, prevent injuries, restore health
  • Education regarding posture, exercise, self assistive Kum Ye, and Himalayan healing yoga
  • Educating client regarding nutrition, supplements and herbs
  • Basic meditation, mindfulness and concentration training upon request as part of initial treatment (please see meditation classes for more in depth training)

What kind of conditions do you treat?

Treatments can be applied to numerous conditions. Please inquire if you are uncertain about your condition. Our healing system has overarching principles that allow applications in a variety of ways, be it with energetic or physical manipulation. Both structural and internal body systems are susceptible to healing when the underlying physicality and / or energetic patterns are changed. Assisting individuals with strengthening mind and growing heart forms the basis of our spiritual healing for those who request counselling.


Consultations and treatments are provided in the greater Vancouver and Victoria areas on designated days of the week. Please contact us for further information and to set up your appointment.

Contact Us

(250) 888-0572 (Victoria) (604) 239-3914 (Vancouver)