Don has the rare gift of deep perception matched with profound knowledge and understanding of the human body. He is able to realign bones and provide real relief and renewed health to many of us who simply could not find it anywhere else. Not I nor any of the many friends I have referred to Don over the years have ever come away from a visit not feeling better. He is a healer. He understands chi. I trust him with my body.
Peter Kelly
Don is a gracious and humble man and a generous, articulate and loving teacher. I've thoroughly tested the medical basis of his healing teachings, and have found them to be consistently sound, often guided with his much deeper insights. His teaching style is subtle, yet poignant, and he speaks easily to the heart of the matter. His guidance has made a tremendous and lasting difference in my life. I'd like to say it was easy, but it's hard to put into words the immensity of difference Don has made in my life! Please know that this testimonial barely scratches the surface!
These teachings have changed my life. They bring an awakening of awareness, and the experiential knowing that we are all within something much, much greater than ourselves. The vastness and completeness of it leaves me speechless. When I first met Shi Yao Hai and heard him speak, I immediately knew that there was deep truth and insight there. Shi Yao Hai's words carry the energy of spiritual wisdom. I have taken his mind training and meditation classes, as well as the medical chi healing courses. What I learned was beyond any possibility that I had been aware of. Actually feeling the different qualities of chi and guiding it with mind was outside of my frame of reference until I was shown and given assistance to do it. Aside from help with shifting consciousness and developing healing skills, I have received assistance many times with healing, which has been nothing short of what would be called miraculousness. I have had GI issues and cysts just disappear. I have had a painful knee with inflammation return to normal, as well as gentle adjustments that quickly remedy out of place vertebrae. I have also witnessed healing in others - cancers, bone misalignments and fractures, circulatory blockages, anxiety, cataracts, glaucoma - to name a few. I have seen distance healing at work on people with no contact or previous meeting. There is definitely a deep connection to life force in Shi Yao Hai's work.
RN, healing practitioner and student
Don (Shi Hsin Yao Hai) is the greatest teacher I have met in all my searching for freedom from mental, physical, and emotional suffering. He offers true understanding of the nature of the mind along with practical techniques that have allowed me to reduce stress and exponentially increase my joy in life. I was exhausted from chasing dreams or building walls to avoid pain until I started studying with Don and began understanding life. In his humble way of being, this master of his own mind has shown me the roadblocks to happiness and the way to create a joyful life.The result? A complete overhaul of the way I perceive and respond to life. After nearly a decade of addiction, chronic anxiety, depression, and physical illness, I am able to understand the origin of these, and am able to create the life experience I desire. There are few words to explain the gratitude I hold for Shi Hsin Yao Hai.
I shared a Back fence with a neighbor I had not met in the 4 years I had owned the home. On a whim, I decide I must meet this neighbor and maybe we could put up a new fence together. That is when I met Don and his family. There would be no fence. Don was selling and I just happened to be a Realtor, a very meant to be situation. Just when I thought I was the magic helping the family get to the island, my 16 year old son started having epileptic seizures. Literally one after another. It was so terrifying and it felt like River (the teen) would never have a normal life. So much fear lived within us during this time. This is where Don came in. He was always nice and calm and quiet and always wore a large buddha bead necklace over his neck and shoulder, honestly, I had no idea what he did but I had a funny feeling he was one of faith whatever that looked like to him. Don invited my husband and I over. He explained who he was and what he did, he knew our family was in great pain. He would meditate with us, meditation 101. He brought a lot of peace to our family and my husband in particular. I am a spiritual person with a belief in something greater even if I am a city dwelling Realtor. I may not be peace YET but I know it. My husband was very closed. Don opened him, Ronnie grew faith and I know in many ways this was the largest component of Ronnies faith and Journey in regards to Rivers brain surgery (it ended up being a mass in Riv’s brain). River came out and is well. Don moved and Ronnie started to read Buddha books and has taken some turn towards a new path. It brought security to Ronnie I have never seen. Don spent the time with us and I am forever grateful. In addition to this, I am in recovery. I sponsor women on the 12 steps. I would always hear about this man called Buddha Man. He ran a session on Sundays and the women I sponsored loved it. They were sad to see him go. The 3rd step for us is a power greater than self and many people can not wrap their heads around traditional religions. Don brought an alternative. Thank you for that.
Darcy Schlechtleitner
Owner, Rethink Real Estate Group
I have been taking classes with Don for about 10 years. I recognized his sincerity and that there was a path he was sharing, a Universal Path for growth in Happiness. I am a bit of a slow learner! So my growth has happened almost imperceptibly. Over the course of years, my ability to navigate a course towards meaningfulness has been activated. Slowly, Don has worked at a subtle and compassionate level to facilitate in me a change in character. I have so much work to do, but I now have a strength and a means for developing happiness. For this I am most grateful to Don…and to the Buddha whose Teachings Don has drawn from.
Matthew P
It has been years of living like a piece of a puzzle, moving and experiencing, looking for the right fit. Since the first day I sat with Don (Shi Yao Hai), and he began to share, that piece of the puzzle has become whole. The world is as It is, as you know it, and you will come to understand what that Is. It breathes you and you breathe it. Find the Balance and Flow. Don is a skillful teacher. As is Life, if you are open with persistence, discrimination, desire, and intent you will know. Grace helps too.
Pavlos Agelidis
Over the last 5 or 6 years, I have healed and grown enormously, largely due to Don's teachings and healings. Those years tested both my faith and growth in becoming. On a healing level, Don worked his energy healing on my husband's myriad health problems, worked on my neck and spine, and resolved eye cataract issues. His ability to move and direct energy is on a level of its own. On a personal growth level, he has opened my eyes to a more expansive way of being and he truly embodies a kind and compassionate life. He is what he teaches!
I have been a Student and disciple of Yao Hai for over 15 years. He is a Masterful Teacher with Wit and Grace. A delight to sit and learn from for ever. Namaste
Tammey Martin
There are few people who've had such a positive influence on my life. I knew Don was my teacher upon meeting. He has answered all my big questions – either by showing me a solution or encouraging me to find my own way. The tried and tested Dhamma teachings he shares envoke clarity, inspiration, refuge and a boost towards Loving Kindness and Strength. He is extremely loveable – like a human version of Yoda 🙂 and I so cherish our spiritual friendship.
Fiona Percy
The teachings from Don (Shi Yao Hai) have provided a deeper understanding of love and truth. The fundamental principals taught have helped provide more clarity and a deeper understanding of purpose. Yao Hai is an excellent teacher with the ability to provide clarity and depth to philosophic content. The medical qi training was practical and useful in everyday situations. The treatments from Yao Hai have always assisted with healing, focus and overall well being. I am very grateful to have met Yao Hai and look forward to learning more with him over the many years to come. Namo Amitabha
Anne Stefanyk
CEO Kanopi Studios
Over the many years that I attended Shi Yao Hai's classes, I deeply appreciated how his classes were not simply about an academic pursuit of knowledge. What always mattered -- and continually emphasized -- was the everyday applicability of Buddha's teachings in order to improve one's experience in daily life. This mostly due to Shi Yao Hai's ability to skillfully impart the Buddha's wisdom and demonstrate how the teachings are still very much pertinent within a modern context. I for one will always be grateful for his frequent help on my spiritual journey.
Rene Hache